You may have noticed that our globe has a new layer on it. We’re pleased to announce that we’re collaborating with CMA on a project to look at comparative company market analysis. The layer on our globe and on the map below shows Value Per Barrel figures derived directly from AIM market E&P company trading data, comprising +80 companies & c$9 billion value.

The power of this valuation approach lies in its:

  • speed – to identify market value anomalies and investment opportunities before competiton
  • robust data driven approach aiding more effective commercial negotiations
  • flexibility – peer groups can be defined by a range of attributes including geography, hydrocarbon, play and resource type, enabling unique insight for opportunity identification and ranking


AIM E&P companies possess several features that makes them well suited for Comparable Company value characterisation:

  • Companies are structurally simple. Relatively few, similar attributes drive value.
  • Value driving attributes are well separated. For example, company assets are typically restricted to one country, dominated by a single operating environment and one resource type (exploration, development or production)
  • The market is data rich – comprising large numbers of companies, continuously publishing detailed information on their assets and value driving activities.

These features enable the main drivers of value to be characterised and objectively linked to value. However, this wealth of published data is largely ignored.


The principal goal of CMA is to systematically collect all AIM E&P published data and re-present it in a more consistent way across the market to enable improved, objective data driven value characterisation, supporting improved investment decision making, company and market performance.


CMA is principally designed for

  • Investors seeking to identify and rank opportunities
  • E&P management seeking M&A opportunities


For further information on CMA contact