“In a world of seismic imagination” – Showcasing your asset to potential investors using GeoReality.

Over recent years the concept of Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) has become more and more familiar being used for M&A deals across the globe. Current technology trends and drivers for corporate efficiency have made VDRs an almost ‘Must Have’ for showcasing a project. Working at Zebra Data Sciences for over 6 years I’ve noticed a shift away from showcasing technical and commercial data to only showcasing commercial data, saving all technical substance for Physical Data Rooms (PDRs).

Is this the way forward? Or a step backwards?

Seismic data is arguably one of the most valuable pieces of a project, which of course has upsides and downsides. “We don’t want to give it away” is a phrase heard oh so often when speaking to companies and Governments. The statement is understandable when you consider the investment involved with obtaining the data in the first place, but does that mean it’s correct? Being able to showcase samples of your seismic data with key points highlighted is invaluable and is exactly what a VDR enables you to do in a safe, secure & monitored environment.

“Everything in the room is editable” – GeoReality, virtually inside the data!

GeoReality is an extension to our renowned EzDataRoom VDR technology. It enables users to showcase seismic data in a multitude of ways, but most importantly highlight exactly what makes your prospect or asset unique. With our web-based, 3D subsurface model potential bidders have the ability to visualise 2D and 3D seismic data, interpreted horizons, and well bores in their true relative perspective.

Well, how do I know they’re looking at the right parts or the most important parts? Simple: GeoReality comes with ‘Guided Tours’ and ‘Custom Tour Creation’ allowing data owners to show the client exactly what they want them to see, as well as being able to actively move the users in a live presentation; all built and customised within the platform.

GeoReality with annotation

“Take a look, and you’ll see” (Have you spotted the theme yet?)

Having been lucky enough to be involved with running multiple PDRs & VDRs, it has shown us first hand that occasionally it’s the management team who need convincing (shocker I know!). This is exactly what GeoReality enables you to do – It’s simple to deploy, easy to use and only requires a web browser. No need for specialist hardware or software licenses. GeoReality can help focus on what’s important, saving time when searching for detailed information in a data room and allowing results to be disseminated in a low cost and highly effective manner.


I hope this small blog reads well to you guys, it’s the first time I’ve personally chosen to write – I appreciate all feedback and comments. If you would like to get a chance to use GeoReality please visit www.georeality.com however if you’re interested in your own custom GeoReality model please do not hesitate in sending me a LinkedIn message and I will shoot you over my email address.


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