Zebra Data Sciences and CMA are pleased to announce a collaboration on a data driven valuation tool based on comparative company analysis. The example layer on our globe shows Value Per Barrel ratios derived directly from companies trading on the AIM market, comprising 80+ companies and c.$9 billion of value.


Data Driven Valuation

Publicly reported Production, Reserves and Resource Volumes are collected for listed E&P companies together with other attributes and compared with their market values to generate indices that can be used to characterise value from company, to peer group and market scales. The application also characterises company equity ownership


The CMA analysis approach is implemented in an intuitive application allows fast flexible analyses to be performed enabling users to

  • Identify, value and rank investment opportunities based on unique screening criteria
  • support commercial negotiations through more thorough understanding of value
  • identify potential investors

Who is it for?

The application is principally designed for

  • E&P management supporting M&A target identification
  • Investors seeking to identify and rank opportunities


Valuation multiples are calculated from reserves and resource figure published directly by E&P companies and real-time market value data.


The database comprises most publicly listed junior E&P companies as they possess several features that makes them well suited for comparative analysis:

  • Companies are structurally simple. Relatively few, similar attributes drive value.
  • Value driving attributes are well separated. For example, company assets are typically restricted to one country, dominated by a single operating environment and one resource type (exploration, development or production)
  • The market is data rich – comprising large numbers of companies, continuously publishing detailed information on their assets and value driving activities.

For further information on CMA contact cma@zebradata.com