Zebra Data Sciences are pleased to announce that they have updated the PETRONAS Regional Data Repository with a new tranche of data received from PETRONAS and this is now available via the Zebra Data Virtual Data Room.

What is the Regional Data Repository?

The Regional Data Repository (RDR) is an initiative launched by the Malaysia Petroleum Management to further encourage potential investors to pursue Malaysia Exploration Opportunities. The key aspect of the Regional Data Repository is data access without being limited to block boundaries and so investors can view technical data via Zebra Data’s Virtual Data Room in a much broader perspective. In addition to the numerous discoveries that have been located to date, Malaysia basins still hold vast opportunities that are waiting to be explored. This access allows new explorers to apply new ideas and insights which are crucial in order to improve the chance of hydrocarbon discoveries.

What are the benefits of the Regional Data Repository?

  • Complement the interpretation work being performed on block specific opportunities
  • Simultaneously able to review regional data from 3 regions
  • Able to identify focus areas for future exploration opportunities based on the regional data review
  • Able to view seismic data from blocks that are not promoted during the current promotional round
  • Investors able to relate data in focus blocks to data from neighbouring blocks
  • Access to ZDS exclusive GeoRealityTM models for the 3 regions

Participants in the 2020MBR VDR will enjoy a special access fee to the PETRONAS RDR during that period.

For details regarding the Regional Data Repository, please see our updated brochure here

For more information please contact us at info@zebradata.com