Showcasing Services

Virtual Data Rooms

EzDataRoom® Web, powered by our GeoDataMan software and a team who care about your success, provides fast, secure online data rooms to accommodate everything needed to present a well-structured and comprehensive geotechnical project for divestment.

Available to view 24/7 our online EzDataRoom Web services maximise the convenience of both presenting and viewing a project. The features of our services reduce the need for time consuming and expensive travel, encourage and facilitate project interest to generate those all-important deal-making meetings.

We also provide statistics on who is viewing which documents and files, which is really useful intelligence, as well as providing a customisable Q&A module to handle questions and enquiries from potential investors.

Remote Workstation VDRs

Prior to companies visiting a Physical Data Room (PDR), after they have left a PDR, or if they are not able to travel to a PDR, potential partners or investors can use our EzDataRoom® Remote Workstation Virtual Data Room service to study, interpret or work on a geotechnical project. This facility bridges the gap between a Web VDR and a Physical Data Room.

A Remote Workstation VDR provides secure remote access to a Petrel or Kingdom project where nominated companies can study and interpret the seismic and well data without downloading anything. The interpretation can be saved and you will have access to this. The interpretation can also be provided to the client after approval by you.


Use GeoReality to create a focussed model of your asset using seismic, well and interpretation data. Allow users to view and manipulate the model in 3D using a web browser or in an immersive 3D environment.

Create a guided tour either as a pre-canned offering or as a dynamic walk-through of your asset. Your audience can be anywhere in the world and all will be seeing the same thing at the same time, whether on a PC, a smart device or an Oculus Go headset.

​This is a great way to tell a story about your asset, or your data set, and get investors and/or buyers engaged quickly. To access a demo of GeoReality click here

Physical Data Rooms

Along with our Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) we also offer EzDataRoom® Physical Data Room (PDR) services that have the added benefit of enabling the users to use interpretive software such as Kingdom, Petrel and DUG.

​With the global diversification of oil companies, persuading busy executives to even visit a PDR can be the ‘make or break’ for a deal. Projects can be anywhere globally but PDRs should be organised for maximum convenience for interested parties. We can set up and host EzDataRoom PDRs in our UK offices or anywhere in the world as requested by our client.