Due to the current COVID-19 situation globally, the Timor-Leste 2nd Licensing Round Timeline which was launched on 3rd October 2019 has been extended until 1st October 2021, when Bid Submissions close.

Zebra Data’s industry recognised EzDataRoom® Web VDR which hosts proprietary open 2D and 3D data offshore seismic data; 80 offshore and 20 onshore wells; nearly 15,000kms of airborne gravity and nearly 45,000kms of airborne magnetic-radiometric data covering the onshore area will be open for access by Oil and Gas Companies until the new Bid Submission date. Other technical and commercial information is also on the EzDataRoom Web VDR.

More information on the extension can be found at 


or by contacting second.round@anpm.tl or info@zebradata.com

Additional information can be found at http://licensinground.anpm.tl/ and  http://hydrocarbonassets.com