Fluid Energy Consultants has significant experience within Walloon Coal Measures (WCM) CSG play over the past two decades, and has authored this in-depth Technical Analysis of the Walloon CSG Play, which is a unique product offering an basin-wide view which is now available for purchase. This was a large undertaking and it has resulted in a unique product offering a basin-wide snapshot of the play. An invaluable resource for looking at the newly released Queensland Surat and Bowen Basin blocks. These blocks were released in June 2020 and bids close on 3 September 2020. In addition the Technical Analysis will be invaluable for those awarded the earlier acreage release.

Zebra Data Science is now marketing partners for this report and database through their HydroCarbonAssets™ Services – Walloon CSG Technical Evaluation

The data for this study is entirely open file:

  • Detailed analysis and quality control core holes (423wells)
  • Detailed analysis and QC of the depth, net coal and gas content data
  • Over 700 DSTs analysed 1000 reviewed, for permeability using a consistent approach
  • Constructed a static geological model in Petrosys
  • Created bench marked type curves in Comet3
  • Determined OGIP and Gas Resources for play, each permit, company and vacant areas
  • Net reservoir concept applied to indicate economically recoverable gas

Deliverables – POA

  1. 106 Page report with 18 Map enclosures
  2. Full GIS database or part thereof

For more information email info@zebradata.com