Don’t worry! Your Data Room can continue using EzDataRoom® Web from Zebra Data Sciences’ Geotechnical Virtual Data Room. EzDataRoom® Web VDRs can allow the work to continue in a secure environment for both geoscientists and data. Full data viewing of seismic, wells, horizons and documents is possible using only a browser and Internet access on your computer. Through EzDataRoom® Web, Q&A sessions and collaboration can be implemented. With companies requesting their employees to work from home, EzDataRoom® Web offers the same setup. Zebra Data’s EzDataRoom® Remote Workstation Data Room is capable of providing full interpretation features over the Internet too. GeoReality® supplements our EzDataRoom® Web tools by presenting the subsurface including seismic, interpretation and well data – all of which are inherently three dimensional – in three dimensions! Your potential investors (be they technical, management or other professionals) get a fuller and faster understanding when screening or evaluating an asset. For a demo of GeoReality® you can view Open the menu bar at the top and then you can see the layers, the “eyes” toggle switch them from opaque to off then to transparent. The play button starts the GeoCast® narrated tour. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact